Why CSL?

Creative Sport & Leisure specialises in Apprenticeships and work based learning specifically within Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being. 

Our sector consists of Coaches, Instructors, learning support Staff, Sports Development Officers, Recreational Assistants, Gym Instructors, Personal Trainers, hair and beauty specialists, trained dancers, actors and singers to name but a few.  Each area having specific skills and requirements to their own area.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you will have experienced staff in Teaching, Learning and Assessment that come from the Industry, have industry experience and qualifications specific to each sector.  We believe in order to create highly trained experienced professionals, highly trained experienced professionals should deliver and train the next generation of professionals.

Creative Sport & Leisure team believe that you should achieve a qualification that ensures you have the relevant knowledge to work within your sector, the experience of working within your sector combined with the knowledge of our team behind you giving you the information and expertise you need to be reliably informed of your role, your role within the working environment and your role within your specific area.

At Creative Sport & Leisure we believe in life-long learning within this sector, sport and active leisure is a career choice that is sometimes over looked by some other professions.  We believe that our Sector is just as important as any other and should consist of reliable, trained professionals with the expertise to perform to the highest possible standard.  In order to achieve this, we believe we have the best expertise in order to support those wishing to be professionals in achieving their life long ambitions.  Your career is your choice. Why stop at being a recreational assistant when you can work towards being a Duty Manager or a Centre Manager?  Why settle for being a Gym Instructor, when you can be a Personal Trainer working with special populations? Your training does not need to stop at one specific role, it is a stepping stone to fulfilling your potential.  Creative Sport & Leisure would like to support you in fulfilling your full potential.