HITZ Saracens

Starting this September, you can take part in our new, six month training programme and get on track to build your career.
Pick from real industry tickets such as Coaching, Fitness or Events Stewarding, develop your skills in English & Maths, First Aid and more.

Delivered in partnership with Premiership Rugby and Saracens Sport Foundation, we're giving you the chance to:

  • Achieve nationally recognised qualifications in sport and active leisure
  • Play a range of sport and activities whilst having fun and making friends
  • Get fit and learn about health and nutrition
  • Receive support to improve literacy and numeracy skills
  • Work preparation skills and experience to improve employability

Other benefits?

  • Attend exciting outdoor adventure and rafting trips if your attendance is good
  • Other fun activities may include paintballing, crossfit, sailing & trampolining
  • Access to bursaries depending on your circumstances

To hear more about this amazing opportunity, contact your local HITZ Officer Lauren today!

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