Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Creative Sport & Leisure and the London Legacy Development Corporation are delighted to announce that a newly formed Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) will be specifically tailored to provide fresh opportunities in Sport and Active Leisure linked to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The ATA will recruit, train and employ at least 48 local residents as an Apprentice earning London Living Wage over the next 2 years. Apprentices will be deployed to work in host organisations operating on or around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this could include working for Active Newham who are responsible for getting the population of Newham physically active or West Ham Football Club Community Trust who will be based in the Stadium.

We are keen to work with other organisations whether currently established or about to be formed that will operate events and programmes across Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the 4 host boroughs. Apprentices could also work in local primary schools, leisure facilities, sports clubs, youth projects and physical activity outreach programmes. You can buy an Active Apprentice for either 45, 90 or 180 day for as low as £73 per day

Each Apprentice will receive a comprehensive programme of learning and development (circa 38 days per annum), delivered in partnership with Creative Sport & Leisure in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park settings and within partner organisation facilities. In addition, Creative Sport & Leisure will work with partners (including National Governing Bodies of sport) to provide additional development training courses and support through mentoring.

In addition, each apprentice will commit to 10 ‘give-back’ days which will be utilised by the London Legacy Development Corporation as part of its Active People, Active Park programme. The Active People, Active Park programme is designed to create a dynamic public playground which, encourages a culture of sports, recreation participation and active outdoor living. The Apprentices will also be available to support community events, as well as major sport events and competitions which will take place across the next 2 years.