Principles of Coaching Sport – Level 2

This qualification is designed to provide benefit to you through the development of the skills and knowledge required to enable you to understand participants and their needs, develop your knowledge of coaching sport and requires you to demonstrate practical coaching skills.

It is a vocational qualification, combining theory and practical experience. The course is also recognised by and has the support of, a range of providers including FE colleges.

What is the Course About?

The qualification is designed as an introduction to independent coaching skills for learners whom wish to prepare themselves for further learning or training relating to coaching sport. You will learn to:

  • Plan and prepare for coaching sessions.
  • Conduct coaching sessions under supervision, in a safe environment.
  • Promote good ethical practice associated with sports coaching.
  • Establish and maintain relationships that support the coaching process.
  • Develop effective communication skills appropriate to coaching.
  • Review your own and others' coaching performance. Develop an action plan for future coaching sessions.
  • Deal with injury and signs of illness.
  • Follow emergency procedures.

What will you study and learn?

The qualification is divided into 4 Mandatory Units

To qualify for the Award, you must successfully complete all the four units:

  • Unit 1 the fundamentals of coaching sport
  • Unit 2 how to develop participants through coaching sport
  • Unit 3 how to support participants’ lifestyles through coaching sport
  • Unit 4 the principles of safe and equitable coaching practice.

What formal entry requirements will you need? 

Ideally you will have achieved the Level 1 Principles of Coaching Course or another Level 1 Qualification.

 It is essential however, that you have a keen interest in developing the skills to coach, working with others and studying theoretical aspects of sport.
You must also be keen to participate in practical sessions.

What could the course lead to?

This qualification leads to further learning or training in the area of coaching sport. This qualification may lead to paid or voluntary roles in coaching a specific sport should the learner progress to a sports specific coaching qualification.

The skills and knowledge developed through this qualification may also be used to enable you to progress to other industry-relevant qualifications in coaching other sports, activity leadership, supporting Physical Education in school sport and sports development.