Our Apprenticeship Offer

All apprenticeships are real jobs so all apprentices earn a salary. You must pay your apprentice at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage – and many employers pay significantly more.

Apprentices should work for at least 30 hours per week and an apprenticeship takes between one and five years to complete, depending upon the level of apprenticeship and the industry sector. Most of the training is delivered in your workplace, to ensure your apprentices learn the skills you need to do the job well. The rest of the training is given by us, either at the workplace, off-site or via e-learning.

We use two online learner management systems, depending on the programme of study.

OneFile e-portfolio system or InnovEd EMS which enables assessors to assign tasks, learners to upload their work and you, the employer - to track progress along the way.

The training is specifically tailored to ensure you develop the skills the employer wants, giving apprentices a real advantage in the workplace. This means that apprentices not only have better long term salary prospects, but they also have excellent progression opportunities, whether looking to study further or climb the ranks within the workplace.


The standards that we currently can and do offer around the country include:

Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3)

Chartered Manager Apprenticeship Standard (Level 6) (contact for information)

Community Activator Coach Apprenticeship Standard (Level 2)

Community Sport and Health Officer Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3)

Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard (Level 2)

Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3)

Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Standard (Level 5)

Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship Standard (Level 7) (contact for information)

Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3)

Team Leader Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3)


Advanced Apprenticeship in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport