Premier Sport Belvedere

Tue, July 04, 2017

Staff and Apprentices with our Premier Sport team based in Belvedere have been working hard all year with learners at Haimo Primary School, recently working to coordinate their school sports day.

Premier Sport is the UK's largest children's coaching company of its kind, successfully delivering more than 25,000 sport and physical activity sessions every month. Premier Sport supports teachers in their curriculum delivery and provides parents with an invaluable service before, during, afterschool and during holiday periods.

The team work across the area, delivering breakfast, lunch and after school clubs, holiday camps, as well as PE sessions to primary school pupils. Archery, tennis, dance, drama, fencing and football are just some of the activity sessions on offer.

"The sports day was really great! The pupils enjoyed the variety of sports delivered and had a great time with the coaches.  I know some sessions were very busy but the coaches were able to work with all year groups and differentiate their activities accordingly.  Pupils were all constantly moving around on sports day and very excited to learn new sports with the coaches. ​ We will definitely be looking at another sports day with yourselves next year."

"We particularly enjoyed archery-  I am going to look at starting this as a club in September if possible.  The children have loved working with the coaches this summer and have developed some positive relationships with them."

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