Meet the Learner: Business Administration

Fri, March 10, 2017

With National Apprenticeship Week in mind, we'd like to introduce you to one of our proudest internal successes. Having completed his Apprenticeship and with two promotions under his belt, Matthew is now a valuable and permanent resident at Creative Sport & Leisure.

“I first found out about this role through the HR Officer at PROCAT. I had already been in contact with her about certain roles and she mentioned this one, I was working at a Call Centre for 6 weeks having previously finished my Level 2 Apprenticeship but wanted to pursue a Level 3 Apprenticeship to further my education even more.
If you were to ask me if this course is what I expected, the answer is both yes and no. I am doing quite a bit of what I thought I’d be doing when I started but have also branched out and progressed fairly quickly into doing other things as well. I had been promoted twice within the first 8 months of starting the Apprenticeship, which meant I gained much more responsibility and knowledge of where the company is going and how I see myself fitting in.
My day-to-day responsibilities at the moment include things like dealing with applications for our various Apprenticeships and Traineeships that we currently have advertised, signing up new students, adding sign up
paperwork to our system, dealing with general correspondence, dealing with the paperwork based around the students and courses.
My managers have provided support when needed and have been able to answer any questions I’ve had, which has helped me to gather the evidence I’ve needed. They have also been good with making time to provide
witness statements for me to help me finish off parts of my qualification and given advice for certain areas that I’ve struggled with. My tutor has been good too, she's tutored me through both my Business Admin and functional skills and always answered my questions and offered advice and ideas when needed. She has always had a positive attitude even when I have found things difficult and has helped me to gather the evidence in the best way possible.
I’ve had the chance to gain more work based knowledge and experience. I feel that my skillset and confidence has grown massively since starting and this means I can offer more to the company and be more suited to future roles. I finish soon though I am staying with CSL and am looking to continue my learning. I’d like to gain the skills and experience needed to be able to progress into the area of the company that I’d most like to develop my existing experience in, such as dealing with new employers to try and decide what is best for them.”

Matthews line manager, Stuart told us that:
“Since joining the CSL team last February and becoming Matthew’s direct line manager I was initially surprised to find out that Matthew was an apprentice at all. This is testament to the professional manner in which he goes
about his daily duties and the vast knowledge and understanding he has of the companies processes making Matthew an integral part of CSL.”

Creative Sport & Leisure are currently recruiting for a new Business Admin Apprentice for the North Office, based in Bolton. Intrested? Apply here.
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