Hertsmere Leisure Programmes

Welcome to the 2nd Survey Monkey.

Thank you to all staff and managers for taking part in our last survey.

We have had a large response and have collated all the feedback and as a result we have now compiled a range of Training and qualifications that would be most suitable to the needs of Hertsmere Leisure.


Please take time to carefully read the information about the qualification that is most suited to you and your role.

Once you have chosen your preferred programme please go to Step 2.

If you are unsure about the appropriate pathway and you would like further information or would like to speak to someone regarding questions you may have please go to Step 2

If you have already signed up for a qualification please tick the appropriate box, fill in Step 2 and click submit.

If you are not interested in any further qualifications or training please fill in Step 2 and click submit.

Activity Leadership (with Fitness Instructing) Fact Sheet

Business Administration Fact Sheet

Customer Service Fact Sheet

Leisure Management Fact Sheet (Best suited to: Duty Managers, Supervisors)

Exercise & Fitness Fact Sheet (Personal Trainers)


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If you have any problems completed the embedded survey, please use this link: Hertsmere Leisure Survey