Hertsmere Leisure

An important message for ALL Hertsmere Leisure employees!

Our values are to INSPIRE and we want to encourage personal development and provide opportunities which will nurture every individual who supports our organisation.  We therefore, ask you to complete a quick survey which will provide us with your valuable contribution in the design of a continuous professional development program (CPD) for all our employees to engage with.

Our values are to:

  • Improve continuously everything we do.
  • Nurture the unique worth and contribution of every individual.
  • Seek to operate in a more economic, efficient and effective way.
  • Promote an honest and open culture supported by active communication.
  • Improve the quality of life, well-being and health of our communities.
  • Recognise the importance of the customer in everything we do.
  • Encourage people to fulfil their potential

If you are a current employee of Hertsmere Leisure and have been directed to this page to complete the employment survey, either fill in the form below or follow this link to open in a new window: Hertsmere Leisure SurveyMonkey

Deadline to complete survey is 3rd February 2017