Community Sport & Health Officer

Key Responsibilities

Work in partnership with other businesses to ensure high quality delivery of sport sessions at a more senior level than the Community Activator Coach. A CSHO is expected to be able to adapt delivery to suit different groups in society; understand how to lead other staff; offer hands-on ability to develop appropriate physical activity programmes.

Programme Level

Level 3


Expected duration of 16 to 20 months

Delivery Method

Apprentices should work for at least 30 hours per week, including 'Off the Job' Training. The 20% training is delivered by Creative Sport & Leisure, either at the workplace, off-site or via e-learning, to suit your needs

The training is specifically tailored to ensure your apprentices develop the skills they will need to thrive in your workplace, giving apprentices a real advantage with career progression and allow the employer to build a future workforce.


Successful completers will be able to move into leadership or management roles within the Sector which may be aligned to an Apprenticeship at higher level, such as the Community Sports Health Officer. This progression will involve leading teams of people; acting as a mentor for staff; or specialising with the delivery of sporting and physical activity programmes to certain populations or communities.