Premiership Rugby - HITZ Programme

This programme has been created through a collaboration of the shared visions of Premiership and Creative Sport & Leisure - Educate, Activate, Inspire. With these visions in mind we have jointly created a study programme of opportunities through sport and physical activity for people to gain the confidence and skills to gain sustainable employment in a range of sectors through the power of Rugby Union.

Work Ready, Life Ready

The Work Ready, Life Ready study programme is designed to provide the learner with a range of experiences, knowledge and opportunities to engage learners in sport, coaching, lifestyle and career development.

The programme is made up of the following areas and activities: WorkSkills, First Aid, Sport and Active Leisure, Enrichment and Industry Days. Learners will also have an opportunity to improve their English and maths.

The 12 week course has been designed for the sole use of the HITZ Premiership Rugby Work Ready, Life Ready study programme. The assessment pack will help you gather and present appropriate evidence to achieve BTEC Certificate in WorkSkills at Level 1 or Level 2, Sport and Active Leisure and independent progress and tracking sheets for all components of the programme.

The WorkSkills qualifications have been developed to ensure that the knowledge, skills and understanding they provide are relevant, current and useful for learners and potential employers. The qualifications have been designed to support employability. Learners have the opportunity to follow a flexible course and achieve a nationally recognised, vocational qualification at the appropriate level to suit their ability.

Through the power of rugby and sport Premiership Rugby and its member clubs will develop your personal and life skills and provide a range of enrichment activities that will ensure that you maximise your potential, not only on the course but onwards into the world of education or employment.  


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