Bursaries are in place to support learners who would find it difficult to come to college because of the costs involved.

Financial support is available for Further Education students in certain circumstances. This support is not available to Apprentices, as Apprentices are in paid employment.

Each application will be assessed and allocated funds subject to meeting minimum college standards. Eligibility is based on factors including age (under 19), residency and household income.

There are two types of bursary:

  • Discretionary Bursaries are awarded weekly on an individual basis and are designed to be a contribution to costs rather than to cover them. To be eligible for a Discretionary Bursary, you need to have a household income below £30,000 per year. Parents/ Carers are required to supply evidence of all household income.
  • Guaranteed Bursaries are a payment of a fixed sum of up to £1,200 (this may be reduced depending on the length of your course).

We do not offer financial support for other needs, such as living costs.

Free School Meals and Workwear

There is also an allocation for a free college meal and workwear which may be allocated to those students who meet requirements detailed on the bursary fund application form. A meal allowance is allocated up to a limit of £2.41 per day but is not paid in cash.

Eligibility is based on age, residency and household income, although exceptional circumstances will be considered. Where students are applying for support with travel, distance will be used to establish if support is essential. You must provide evidence that you have a specific financial difficulty if you are in receipt of welfare benefits, it is your responsibility to declare ay payments made to you.

Please note that an amount of bursary can be withheld if your performance levels or attendance drops. You are expected to have 100% attendance, excellent behaviour and maintain a high level

To seek advice on any of the bursaries or funding above, or to obtain an application form, please contact Jill Terry on 01268 552 218.